Dang Thao Ngoc

Dang Thao Ngoc is an extraordinary female artist who paints personal perceptions including imagery of family members and objects around her. Dang Thao Ngoc’s works of art metaphorically represent a young women’s view of the world and her life experiences. Ngoc uses vivid oil colors on canvas as she captures your imagination leaving room for interpretation by the viewer. Dang Thao Ngoc’s imagery expresses traditional Vietnamese motifs as well as contemporary themes. The juxtaposition of traditional and modern influences is visually bold and thought provoking. Often, her themes represent the exuberance of youth and wisdom that contrasts with ideas of experience and age. The provocative subjects of Dang Thao Ngoc’s works allow the viewer to imagine and arrive at their own conclusions about the messages she is trying to convey. Ngoc’s paintings are in private collections worldwide including the USA, Europe and Asia.

1982:   Born in Hanoi
2003:   Awarded 'jeunes regards' prize by French Cultural Centre, Hanoi and exhibition in Cahors, France
2005:   Graduated Hanoi Academy of Fine Arts Exhibitions
2012:   Art Palm Beach
2011:   Art London
2011:   "Hanoi 1000", Arts Club of Washington, DC
2010:   'Face to Face', Minotaure Gallery, Tel Aviv
2009:   Art Palm Beach
2008:   Artasia Miami
2007:   Women Painters, Painted Women in the National Fine Arts Museum of Vietnam
2007:   Of This and Other Worlds, Bankside Gallery, London UK
2006:   Group exhibition, Vietnam



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